Inspired digital innovators and entrepreneurs.

Clearwater Dynamics is a transformational technology company innovating and implementing disruptive Cyber assurance, Insurtech and IOT solutions internationally.


Our dynamic enterprise

Clearwater’s talented innovation teams are supported by an accomplished Board and integrate outstanding software developers, machine learning, cyber and system integration experts.



What we do

We humanise Cyber assurance, automate insurance processes and simplify data collection and utilisation.



Our approach to the future

Clearwater and its connected network of strategic partners are pre-positioned in high growth cyber and digitalisation markets to deliver actionable insights, connected solutions and competitive advantages to its diverse customer base.



Our markets

Clearwater Dynamics propriety cyber assurance software is unrestricted by organisational size, sector, geography or industry; Our maritime solutions are utilised throughout the Insurance, Maritime, Oil and Gas and Industrial sectors internationally.



Press releases

April 2020 - Clearwater, DNK, Noria, Willis, Osprey, AON
- Connected insurance and policy automation


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Next steps

Clearwater prides itself on making complicated digital processes simple. Often disruptive and always intuitive our solutions generate unique data insights pre-positing our clients to preemptively adapt to changing market conditions.

Clearwater Dynamics, forewarned is forearmed creating tactical advantage.

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Recognised market leaders with global presence
We deliver intuitive digitally connected solutions and applications throughout the Insurtech and cyber assurance markets
It’s the Clearwater DNA that’s special
Transformational solutions protect and shape first mover opportunities for our clients

Clearwater continues to invest regionally in support of its current growth in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Asia.

Planned investments in North America and Europe 2020 and 2021 consolidate the organisations connected footprint.

Clearwater 2019 operations, products and services

Poole, Dorset – Group Head Quarters

London - Bespoke software development

Oslo - Osprey sales, product innovation and insurtech solutions

Kuala Lumpur - Regional sales, administration and operations


Mission Statement

Creating intuitive digital solutions enhancing risk mitigation, loss prevention and cyber assurance across industry.

Our customers are our partners: with them we deliver digital solutions to improve their operations, protect their trade and enable simplicity.

Vision statement

Grow by connecting proprietary capabilities, disruptive solutions and digital automation helping our customers help themselves.

Investors in software, sensors, data analytics, systems integration and remarkable people.


Clearwater has grown organically and profitably from our inception in 2014.

We have consistently applied our founders core beliefs that remain at the heart of our strategy for future growth, namely;


Cyber security and Insurtech markets are in their infancy and continue to evolve at an extraordinary pace.

Cyber assurance

Business email compromises continue to rise

PwC 2020

Cyber security expenditure is forecast to exceed $ 1 trillion dollars cumulatively over the five year period from 2017 to 2021.

Unprecedented levels of international cybercriminal activity is forging 12-15% growth within this sector year on year.

The almost universal move of industry to cloud computing continues to create exponential cyber risks 2020-2025 and beyond.


The insurance industry is changing dramatically, nine in ten insurers fear losing part of their business to Fintechs.

Margin pressure and loss of market share are top of the related threat to insurance companies with three in four insurance companies (74%) believing that some part of their business is at risk of significant disruption.

PwC 2019

Digital and data innovation at the core of Clearwater's approach is revealing new customer needs and deeper risk insights.

Clearwater is delivering a first of its kind, propriety digital automation solution to the Maritime insurance markets with extended applications in allied insurance sectors.