Clearwater’s Global AIS Feed delivers the most complete site map of Global shipping worldwide

Operational Support

Clearwater’s High Risk Area (HRA) intelligence and operational support (IOS) provides persistent security oversight 24 / 7

Pitch & Roll

Unlocking the internal accelerometer within the Raptor and using edge computing, your vessels pitch and roll
amplitude can be sent back to shore every 30 minutes

Route Monitoring

Designed for vessel owners and operators that require a real-time route compliance


Raptor is the first low-profile satellite communications terminal with an integrated battery using the
two-way Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite network for remotely tracking vessels anywhere around the

Vessel Tracking API

Clearwater’s vessel tracking and maritime alerts API enables users to integrate position reports and security alerts into existing systems and platforms

Route Risk Reports

Clearwater Dynamics Route Risk Reports maps risk based on recent incidents utilising the vessel’s voyage plan. Our risk reports directly contribute to risk appreciation and mitigation for vessel owners and operators and their insurers

Clearwater Alerts

With access to multiple intelligence sources located worldwide, Clearwater Dynamics Operations Officers can promptly provide accurate and relevant domain awareness to their clients

Instant Messaging

Clearwater’s Garmin communicator when paired with Raptor provides instant two-way communications between shore side operations and vessel. The communicator can also be linked to the CW operations centre accessing 24×7 security support in the event of an incident.


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