Intelligence and Operational Support

Clearwater delivers reliable and rapid maritime intelligence, increases operational awareness, ‘live tracks’ transiting vessel protection teams, equipment and generates savings through increased efficiencies. We run ISO accredited operations centres from the United Kingdom and Malaysia. Whether you are a CSO, a PMSC or an insurance company, Clearwater have a bespoke IOS package to suit your needs.

Audit trail

For PMSC clients the portal helps keep track of deployed personnel, equipment, firearms and ammunition. During each stage of the voyage operation room managers and support staff can upload events that are important to the transiting vessel from an auditing perspective. Events such as embarkation, test firing and security drills. These events are time stamped and tagged with a geo location that integrates into the vessels historic GPS reports providing the shipping company with a transparent overview of the security presence on board.

24/7 Operations room support

Clearwater operates an ISO compliant 24/7 operations room. We can offer full operations support or tailor the service to suit your exact need. This service in the most basic form can be acknowledging daily position reports from a vessel or providing you with a dedicated 24/7 number to be called during an emergency situation.

Masters Brief

Clearwater provides a unique service for its clients in the form of a pre-transit masters brief. The brief is based on a detailed questionnaire focused on the preparedness of vessel, Master and crew ahead of transiting the HRA.

Utilising a combination of the IMO’s best management practices (v5) in connection with vessel hardening, understanding and interpretation of anti-piracy drills and communications protocols our system forms a detailed profile of any security shortfalls.

Sections include:

  • Vessel particulars
  • BMP5 vessel hardening and crew training
  • Communications
  • Citadel standards and compliance
  • Safety and protection measures
  • Enhanced bridge protection

Clearwater subsequently generates a report with practical recommendations to further improve the security profile of the transit prior to entering high risk waters. The masters brief is an essential service for vessels transiting HRA without utilising physical security.

Piracy Intelligence

Clearwater piracy alerts are reliable, accurate and rapid allowing clients to receive up to the minute intelligence from one of the largest maritime networks in the world. Client’s nominated points of contact will receive critical piracy alerts accessed through the Clearwater portal. All ratified incidents are plotted on the system and should a particular threat potentially be deemed a risk to your transiting vessel, our operations teams will provide immediate advice to the master, security officers and operations departments.

Vessel tracking

All vessels are tracked and monitored 24 hrs a day 7 days a week by our experienced watch keepers. Clearwater’s operation room is equipped with cutting edge satellite and communications technology ensuring total reliability.

Clearwater provides a direct interface to maritime authorities as required and allows transiting vessels to conduct their operations in the knowledge they are in safe hands.

Route risk reports

Clearwater provides its clients with detailed route risk reports to suit individual client’s requirements. Once we are in receipt of the vessels way points the operations team will assess each element of the proposed route.

Clearwater offer two types of route risk report, these are:

This will include a picture of the vessels route with a detailed description of the last 30 days of piracy data. This is designed for transmission directly to the vessel. The brief assessment will be kept to a small file size due to data restrictions on board the vessel.

Intelligence analysis will consider many factors in the final route assessment. A day to day breakdown of the transit giving a colour coded threat level for that day.Recent piracy on the proposed transit, to include up to 12 months’ worth of historical data. Historic piracy incidents geofenced within 100 NM of the proposed transit route. Detailed weather forecasts to include sea state, wave height, first and last light. Security considerations and intelligence forecasting in affected territories.

In building an overall risk report other factors include:

  • Armed / unarmed security
  • Vessel type
  • Forecast speed
  • Freeboard
  • Cargo type
  • BMP5 compliance
  • Crew experience
  • Contingency planning

Your risk assessment will be transmitted electronically and hard copy delivered to you if required. The document will enable vessel owner operators to review the risk profile of their forthcoming voyage passage and implement mitigating measures as required.

The Clearwater pre-route threat assessment is a critical planning tool improving security and assisting with voyage planning.

International Maritime Bureau (IMB) Opt in scheme

The IMB piracy reporting centre in Kuala Lumpur currently use the clearwater system to help build maritime domain awareness and track vessels on a global basis. Clearwater clients can elect to “opt in” to the reporting scheme. This helps the IMB collate vessel position information and pass on vital intelligence.

Intelligence and operational support (IOS) is delivered by Clearwater to Shipping companies , insurance companies , security companies and government agencies.

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